AFC is the secret to your success.

Cast & Crew Matchmaking

Atlanta Film Consultants provide curated choices for your cast and crew that set your production up to win. Director Joel Schumacher once described the best sets as “ones that felt like a great party that everyone wants to be invited to”.  AFC brings decades of Los Angeles and New York industry experience to Atlanta’s burgeoning production community. We help your set run like the best work party in town. Identifying the best and brightest above and below the line production talent in the market, AFC matches them with the specific needs of your production

We’ll break down your script, listen to your specific needs and give you a curated list tailored to the personality and needs of your show.  Our deep list of actors, elite crew and industry resources will give your line producer and creative executives all the tools they need to hit the ground running and give your show an insider’s advantage.  Look to us before prep or whenever you need help filling that one role that you were really hoping to find locally, but just not finding.  We also provide consulting services for industry professionals ready to thrive in America’s fasting growing entertainment market.  Let the “Cast & Crew Matchmakers” set your show up to feel like the party everyone wants to be invited to.

The Goal Whisperers

What does the next chapter of your career look like?  Let us help make your goals a reality.  Are you an Assistant Cameraman who wants to become a Director of Photography?  Or an actor who just relocated to Atlanta from Los Angeles for a piece of the episodic business? Maybe you have the perfect idea for a new show but aren’t sure about next steps?  Atlanta Film Consultants provide direct access to seasoned professionals with directing and producing credits on hit films and television shows.  We’ll craft a clear-cut strategy to turn your goals into a reality!

  • Hourly consulting services
  • Professional drafting of your television or film treatment
  • Coaching services on how and where to pitch your idea

On-Location Personal Services

We know production hours.  And what it’s like to be in a city that’s not your own -while life is still happening before your call time and after wrap.  We’ve forged relationships with service providers you can trust.  From personal assistants to nannies to dog walkers to personal chefs, we can help your home away from home feel like….home. Let us find production-minded support to make your time on location as stress-free as possible.

  • Personal Assistants
  • Nannies
  • Dog Walkers
  • House Managers
  • Drivers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Personal Shoppers
  • Personal Chefs
  • Cast and Crew Housing
On-Location Personal Services